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Playhard Heroes Action Figure DIY 2pcs

Playhard Heroes DIY are natural and biodegradable wooden action-heroes. Made entirely of strong wood with articulated sections connected by elastic string and metal joints, these playtime heroes have what it takes to stand up to whatever super villains come their way. To look the part - grab the 10 included color pencils, design and decorate your heroes' costume, and watch their heroic journey begin! Benefits: Exceptionally strong materials for lasting durability. Encourages creativity, imaginative play, and storytelling. Bring to life your own custom superhero story! Features: Wooden articulated action figures with blank surfaces for coloring. Fully adjustable body connected by elastic strings and metal joints. Action figures each measure 7.25 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches. Includes: 2 - Superheroes 10 - Color Pencils Packaged in a Laser Engraved Wooden Storage Box Chalkboard Painted Interior