The Dough Project

The Dough Project is on a mission to get both adults and little ones to think outside the jar. Using only all-natural ingredients (things you can find in your own pantry) and color from plant-based sources (like those beets you used in your salad), The Dough Project is obsessed with creating products that are safe & high quality, so kids can explore and play freely. The Dough Project believes playtime should be easy, enriching and well, fun.

After witnessing the magic that came from playing and creating in her preschool classroom, Founder and CEO Chelsea Milkman wanted to make it easy for families to recreate that experience at home. The Dough Project creates a world of kid-powered playing with jars of fresh playdough and DIY Mixes that come packed with everything you need to make dough at home. So when you open a jar of dough or a box of the DIY Mix, you’ll instantly get inspired by the feeling of endless possibility.

Playdough DIY Mix
Playdough DIY Mix
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