Sustainability matters because it ensures the responsible and efficient use of our planet's resources, safeguarding them for future generations. This planet isn't getting any younger and sustainability plays a crucial role in mitigating climate change, reducing environmental degradation, and conserving biodiversity. Conscious practices support the well-being of communities and promote social equity by providing access to resources and opportunities for all.

Sustainability is particularly crucial in Hawai'i due to its isolation and finite resources. Islands have limited land, water, and energy resources, which makes them vulnerable to overexploitation and environmental degradation. Sustainable practices help protect the delicate island ecosystems, preserving biodiversity and natural beauty.

Sustainable living on the island not only safeguards its unique environment but also ensures the well-being and quality of life for its residents and future generations.

In our curation process, we select items that truly embody our concept, taking into consideration a set of criteria:

  • Does the product align with the values of exploration, discovery, motivation, and inspiration?
  • Will the product serve as a source of inspiration for the local community?
  • Does the product actively promote purposeful play, offer a break from screens, and foster quality family time?
  • Is the product of high quality, ensuring lasting enjoyment?
  • Does the product exhibit an elevated, design-forward, and fun aspect, reflecting the spirit of our concept?

But more importantly, we prioritize items that have a positive impact on both people and the planet. When we're curating our collections, we consider:

  • Is the brand dedicated to sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices?
  • Do their products follow eco-friendly principles, such as biodegradability, low waste, or being made from recycled or natural materials?
  • Is safety a top priority in their product design?
  • Are the products produced with a strong commitment to ethical practices?

We won't always get it right, but we will always do our best. As a values-driven company, Selfmade Something strives to offering quality products from amazing brands locally and around the world right here in Honolulu.

Currently 85% of our toys and over 68%of our entire inventory are crafted sustainably and responsibly.  Almost every brand we carry comes from a small business, many of which are family owned and operated, founded by a mix of entrepreneurial artists or designers and parents. Nearly every brand we feature hails from small, often family-owned businesses, founded by a blend of entrepreneurial artists, designers, and parents. In-store we also feature handmade, pre-loved, and eco-conscious brands from around the globe.

In the near future, we're taking more steps towards building a circular economy. Beyond our current selection of pre-loved, pre-owned apparel in-store, Our exciting plans involve introducing a rental service for a range of high-quality, sustainable toys, games and puzzles, alongside the sale of gently used items at a fraction of their original cost, making them accessible to more families. Well-made toys last long, and kids grow fast. To prolong the lifespan of the products we offer, we firmly believe that sharing is the first stride toward embracing a more sustainable way of life.