Slumberkins Inc.

Dragon's Creativity Set


Includes: Fully-stuffed Kin plush + 2 Books in gift packaging Dragon supports Creativity! Dragon's books introduce new concepts and lessons while the Dragon plush toy brings them to life as a tangible reminder. Introduction Book: Dragon Dreams and Creates instills the power of imagination, showing children how they can harness their creative potential to dream up new ideas and bring them to life. Lesson Book: Dragon Gets Bored book teaches emotional skills for using boredom to become a path to innovation and that creativity is a skill that can be developed and called upon at any time.

Dragon is for:

-Imaginative play

-Encouraging kids to think creatively and see opportunities in challenges

-Teaching kids how to turn moments of boredom into creative projects

-Gifts that inspire artistic expression and innovation

-Perfect for Baby Showers, Birthdays, or Holiday gifts for children who love to dream and create Machine washable, Air dry.

100% Polyester and stuffed with hypoallergenic