Little Larch

Dough | Natural Play Dough

Our all natural play Dough is handcrafted in Canada using 100% non-toxic ingredients. We skip nasty artificial dyes, fragrances and preservatives and make our Dough with natural veggie dyes (like purple potato!) and essential oils approved for kids under 5. Dough is packaged in a stand up pouch with a resealable zipper, making it easy for travel & storage! Our pouches are made from recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. Each purchase of our Dough plants 1 x tree. Good for little hands and better for the planet. Dough care: -Due to the natural dyes and ingredients used in our products, we do not recommend storing in high-heat or direct sunlight. -Dough shelf-life is 18 months and will last for 6 months (or longer) once opened. Play tips: -Dry Dough? Add a few drops of water or veggie oil and squish back to life. -Extend the life of your Dough by playing on a dry, clean surface with clean hands. -Use a play mat to avoid staining on porous surfaces.