Blue Light Screen Glasses 3+ years | Oli


Our first premium blue light blocking kids glasses available in lilac, blue and black. Best suited for kids between the ages of 3-10.

Blue light glasses help in reducing eye strain, eye fatigue and help improve sleep for children who spend time in front of screens. Most blue blocking glasses only block 15%-20% of blue light from 400-430nm and do not block any at the 450nm range where it matters the most. Our glasses block an average of 60% of blue light. In addition to the premium polycarbonate blue light blocking lenses, all our frames are made from the French material Rislan G820 which is made from 45% bio materials.

Super lightweight and flexible, allowing for comfortable and long wear. Our innovative flex barrel hinges mean the arms can bend beyond 90 degrees - making them perfectly suited to kids. All of our glasses are packaged with a soft felt branded case & hard cardboard box.